History of Dipshikha
Emergence and Development of Dipshikha

Among the 87,319 villages of Bangladesh, Rudrapur - a backward and remote village situated in Birol Upazila under Dinajpur district has become talk of the people of Bangladesh and Germany since 1984. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. Rice, jute, pulses and other field crops are the main crops. Most of the farmers were poor and lived hand to mouth. Cuckoo's song could not attract their mind as they led very morbid life. Everybody was found to be in melancholy condition.

The Origin of Rudrapur Primary School

Two distinguished personalities - Late Nibaron Chandra Roy and Late Romesh Chandra Roy had a popular mission and progressive vision to establish a primary school in the village of Rudrapur to provide functional education to the children of Rudrapur and nearby villages. Interestingly, both of them had no standard education. They had education up to class-X and IX respectively. However, they were learned, scholar, and intelligentsia. Due to their untiring efforts and the unique inspiration and relentless cooperation of local people their dream Rudrapur Primary School was established in 1961. At that time there was no educated person in the village(s) to be a teacher of the newly established primary school. Anyway, Mr. Gobinda Chandra Roy, who had only primary education (class V) was appointed as the founder teacher. It is to be mentioned here that many land lords created obstacle in the development of the school with the fear that when the children would be educated and developed strong personality no farm laborer would be available (Talukder, 1994).

How the name of Dipshikha came into being?

To involve the Dipshikha Youth Federation in the developmental activities in practical manner separate regional organizations were advised to be formed. For this purpose, in 1980, in the office of CARITAS the youths of Dinajpur assembled and they were asked to give a suitable and meaningful name for the organization to be incepted newly. Every participant wrote a name on a piece of paper and submitted to the organizer. Again, the names were thrown to the process of ballot. At first six names were selected. Out of six names later the name Dipshikha had been chosen by ballot. It is mention worthy here that 'Dipshikha' name was given by Mr. Bhupendra Nath Roy. He is ever remembered. Thus through a democratic process, the name Dipshikha was emerged and accepted as the name of newly incepted organization and immediately started its journey.

Constitution of Dipshikha

The First Constitution of Dipshikha was written by late Gajendra Kumar Roy, Naresh Chakrabarty and Mofakh-kharul Islam (Papa). Soon after written up its first Constitution Dipshikha was recognized as a volunteer organization by the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh Government in 6 June 1984. In 1985, it came under the foreign donation regulation. Since then Dipshikha started its huge development function.

Foundation of Shanti-Bangladesh

Fr. Klause acted as an adviser of Dipshikha. For the sake of its development view under the aegis of his direct supervision and a few German volunteers a youth organization named 'Shanti - Bangladesh' was established in Germany. In many regions of Germany including Berlin and Munich development youth groups were made to help Dipshikha development program in Bangladesh. Hundreds of members are there in these groups who are recognized as Friends of Development. They remember Dipshikha through their development activities. They become happy with the joy of Dipshikha people and they feel piety with their sorrow. By the dint of his (Fr. Clause) ceaseless effort many other organizations have come forward to help Dipshikha with money and moral support.