Constitution of Dipshikha

The First Constitution of Dipshikha was written by late Gajendra Kumar Roy, Naresh Chakrabarty and Mofakh-kharul Islam (Papa). Soon after written up its first Constitution Dipshikha was recognized as a volunteer organization by the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh Government in 6 June 1984. In 1985, it came under the foreign donation regulation. Since then Dipshikha started its huge development function.

In fact, Dipshikha development works was initiated long before its inception. People of Rudrapur did not wait for Government recognition. Development works requires self urge and people's felt needs. It is to be recalled here Fr. Klause's congratulation remarks on the occasion of 10th anniversary ceremony. He said, "People in Dipshikha area believed in their strength, and in their values long before Dipshikha emerged within and among them. But they had their urgent desires to use their potentials in a much more fruitful and creative way. They were longing for education, for better health, more work facilities, training and more facilities to explain their potentials and resources."