Emergence and Development of Dipshikha

Among the 87,319 villages of Bangladesh, Rudrapur - a backward and remote village situated in Birol Upazila under Dinajpur district has become talk of the people of Bangladesh and Germany since 1984. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. Rice, jute, pulses and other field crops are the main crops. Most of the farmers were poor and lived hand to mouth. Cuckoo's song could not attract their mind as they led very morbid life. Everybody was found to be in melancholy condition. They had no food security, no health security, no guarantee of two square meals, no education, no clothes, no shelter, no sanitation, no jobs, no ambition, and overall no extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. In this helpless circumstance, miraculously the primary school of Rudrapur was emerged as the center of socioeconomic development of Rudrapur and adjacent villages. Centering this primary school, the laggard villagers were aroused with unprecedented eagerness and enthusiasm to bring about optimistic changes of their lot by themselves. The dying people got lives as they were reborn. Behind the screen some teachers, some social reformers, and some opinion leaders worked together with the people shoulder to shoulder to materialize their dream - to alleviate all aforesaid 'no'. The development attempts made by the local leaders and others centering the primary school surprisingly attracted national and international personalities and in the long run achieved official status naming with a heavenly word 'Dipshikha' - the flame of lamp.