Success Stories
Self-determined Taslima

Taslima came from a poor family and when he married that time her age was near17/18 years . She maintained her family poorly with the support of her husband who was a day labor. They had no own cultivable land also no other income sources. Husband was the only person who is involved with income for their family. Even crises of money to maintain her family everything was going on nicely. Taslima had a dream of happy family with her son and daughter. But suddenly dark clouds covered her life when husband died at the fifth year of their marriage. She became widow and helpless. Her five years old daughter, six month old son and she were left in the family. With no income sources Taslima became bewildered. Finding no way she started working as a day laborer of crop field. Sometimes she worked as a day labor of others family’s household works. By this way one day she got a job in a duck farm of a neighbor village family to look after the duck for few days.(This family establish this farm with the support form Dipshikha. During working at that farm she think to establish a duck farm by her selves. But it not easy for her because she has no money. Being a day laborer used to pass days in great difficulties. Near six years passed by in hardship.