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We seem that modern society is well-developed and has already tackled all the major problems: hunger, poverty, diseases, etc. However, these and many other problems still exist. Governments do everything to attract public attention to it, and their actions have a result. But they must pay attention of youth to it because young people are one of the most initiative and aspiring members of our society. That's why new college curricula take into account the needs of society and require students to submit assignments on essential topics, and essay is one of the most widespread. Of course, students don't like these assignments as they require much time and effort but sharing their ideas and finding on socio-economical topics may raise the awareness of the masses. Students do everything to open up the issue and make a paper comply with all requirements when writing essays. Writing all types of essays is an excellent way for young people to be heard and become important in the field they learn and in the area they live in. The modern world changes fast, so students have less time to rest and more chances to become successful.


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