How the name of Dipshikha came into being?

To involve the Dipshikha Youth Federation in the developmental activities in practical manner separate regional organizations were advised to be formed. For this purpose, in 1980, in the office of CARITAS the youths of Dinajpur assembled and they were asked to give a suitable and meaningful name for the organization to be incepted newly. Every participant wrote a name on a piece of paper and submitted to the organizer. Again, the names were thrown to the process of ballot. At first six names were selected. Out of six names later the name Dipshikha had been chosen by ballot. It is mention worthy here that 'Dipshikha' name was given by Mr. Bhupendra Nath Roy. He is ever remembered. Thus through a democratic process, the name Dipshikha was emerged and accepted as the name of newly incepted organization and immediately started its journey.

Fr. Klause soon after his involvement his best effort was deployed to exchange development views of German youths with Bangladeshi youths. In this process since 1984 young men and women started coming to Bangladesh from Germany through the reference of Fr. Klause Beurle. As Fr. Klause was a diocesan priest from Rothwel, people who came as volunteers and visitors were mostly from Rothwel and Stutgart (Paul C. Tigga, 2008). The German volunteers started to visit Dipshikha before its official recognition since 1979. Olrike, a woman volunteer came to Bangladesh and stayed for one year. She served as a health worker under Gono-Aloy program. All the visitors were specialized in their respective fields. For example, Joseph Gruber had expatriate in agriculture and he was involved in agricultural activities. Mr. Paul Tigga remembered the names of first line volunteers were Joseph Gruber (Sepp), Franz and Maria Kakaisan, Olrike and many others. Among the families that played a vital role by receiving Dipshikha Visitors in Germany were Olrike's parents, Franz and Renate Kurfes, Sepp and Angela Buchlar, Rothwel family, Professor Elmar Roth's family, Gerlingen Brono and Hanne Hoffmann family - Vainggen. Some other names such as Miss Ulrikhe, Mr. Joseph Gruber, Mr. Hans Peter, Miss Annigrate, Dorethi Hilar, Fritze, Deter Hattman and many others were recorded by Talukder (1994). They worked shoulder to shoulder with their Bangladeshi counterpart.

Recognizing the development work of Dipshikha the Ambassador of Germany His Excellency Dr. Marshel visited Rudrapur and helped lavishly to extend the socioeconomic development approach of Fr. Klause, Mr. Paul C. Tigga, and Mr. Naresh Chakrabarty.