Dipshikha Modern Education and Training Institute

About the name : Modern Education and Training Institute. METI stands for Modern Education and Training Institute. Here modern implies that METI is based on proper reasoning, logical, rational thoughts , Practical thinking, far reaching and current and immediate future needs. There is no scope in METI to be bogged down by routine and traditional thinking. METI is expected to always update, rationalized and responsive to the needs and demands of the signs of the time. METI is an ever growing education approach. The institute contains two wings of education i. e (a) Education and Training. In out understanding education part is more focused towards future needs like the increase of general knowledge of informational and factual kinds and character formation, But training part takes care of immediate skill need such as how to articulate ones thoughts ?Simple technical needs like-how to write, how to speak out and how to take note and how to thinks etc. Under formation METI desires that our children from good habits vices.

Concept and Methods

Dipshikha METI (Modern Education and Training Institute) is an outcome of long experiences and dreams in the field of human resources promotion, leadership, management and organizational development. METI took almost 3-4 years to sow seeds, nourish and finally be sprouted. It is even difficult to tell exactly when the of METI had sparked. Perhaps the ups and downs, success and failure, light and darkness, inspiration and frustration, encouragement and discouragement, hopes and hopelessness in a dialogical manner in our efforts, finally led to the birth of the concept of METI.

How METI Perceives a Child

A child is an unexplored, undiscovered and untapped mine. In him/her lies the future of mankind. A nation may have many mines and resource reservoirs. But if unearthed and unexplored it is the wealth of the future. The same applies to human beings of a nation. If not educated, formed, skilled and made competent, they shall remain useless and dependent. Therefore, the unveiling, forming and skill of their hidden and latent potentials and capabilities are uncompromising and challenging.

METI Contents and Methods

About the Contents of learning, Dipshikha METI uses the Govt. prescribed books and materials. METI considers that this Govt. prescribed books are essential to know about Bangladesh and what are being taught to the children in the Govt. schools. But we very clearly realize that these books are not sufficient to respond to all the balanced and integrated needs of the children. As a result, much more additional books and materials are being used for METI children. Beside the books, extra curricula also are being carried out. Here it may be noted that educational contents which answer the question of “What” is important? But more important are “Why Education” and “How Education” questions. METI is trying to answer to the Why and How Questions of education. Below we narrate a few unique specialties of Dipshikha METI.

METI Timing
  • Children start arriving at school by 8:30 a.m.
  • Schooling starts at 9:00 a.m.
  • Common gathering take place for meditation/reflection at 9:01 a.m.
  • Formal classes starts at 10.00 am and go up to 12:30/1:00 p.m.
  • Launch break and rest continues up to 2:30 p.m.