Concept and Methods

Dipshikha METI (Modern Education and Training Institute) is an outcome of long experiences and dreams in the field of human resources promotion, leadership, management and organizational development. METI took almost 3-4 years to sow seeds, nourish and finally be sprouted. It is even difficult to tell exactly when the of METI had sparked. Perhaps the ups and downs, success and failure, light and darkness, inspiration and frustration, encouragement and discouragement, hopes and hopelessness in a dialogical manner in our efforts, finally led to the birth of the concept of METI.

Dipshikha's long 25 years of experience in village development claims that the main element of development is the Human Being. The human being is the root asset of any development. He/she is the center of progress and prosperity. If the human beings are ignored then all development efforts become futile. But the question came again and again as to how to start. Finally a bold step was taken and initiated. For we know from intuition and principle that nothing is born perfect. But over time, things improve, change, get modified and take a sustainable shape. Dipshikha METI is realized now as a starting point. But this should not be taken as final. It is the beginning stage only. METI consists of four components:

(1) Children’s education
(2) Group’s member’s skill and entrepreneurship development
(3) Staff development and
(4) Preparation of village development volunteers.

In this booklet we focus only the aspects of Children’s Education.