About the name : Modern Education and Training Institute. METI stands for Modern Education and Training Institute. Here modern implies that METI is based on proper reasoning, logical, rational thoughts , Practical thinking, far reaching and current and immediate future needs. There is no scope in METI to be bogged down by routine and traditional thinking. METI is expected to always update, rationalized and responsive to the needs and demands of the signs of the time. METI is an ever growing education approach. The institute contains two wings of education i. e (a) Education and Training. In out understanding education part is more focused towards future needs like the increase of general knowledge of informational and factual kinds and character formation, But training part takes care of immediate skill need such as how to articulate ones thoughts ?Simple technical needs like-how to write, how to speak out and how to take note and how to thinks etc. Under formation METI desires that our children from good habits vices.

In this regard , in METI we have developed a motto which all METI children have to learn by heart i. e ‘Not to say I can’t but to say I can, we can again and again.” In case faced with a problem in learning, to say “let me try fast and then only take help from peers and facilitators.

At this juncture it will be fruitful to share some of the critical sides and points of METI education. The first challenging questions that METI dreamers and to be teachers, later on (facilitators) had to answer to the question was to what and METI education aim before launching METI education in 1999. After long sessions of reflections, meditation, both in groups and individually it was agreed upon that METI education must address the following areas of education. (1) Increase of knowledge (2) formation of character and personality.

Additionally in METI we are looking for some definitions of education but practically it was impossible to find any commonly agreed upon definition. After much reflection some of the definitions and ideas which attracted our attention were as follows.

1. Mahatma Gandhi- Education means the arts of drawing out the best in a person.
2. Swami Vivekanda- (with little modification) that ‘human beings are the divine creation of God. They possess all the qualities and potentials. They don’t need more things to be put in their heads but education must create environment and situation to help students discover, unveil and d-envelop their hidden and a slept talent’s and potentialities that already in them”.
3. Leonardo Da Vinci- The best education and the best teachers are the ones where students are encouraged to learn by themselves’. Socrates “the best education is the one where a person learns how to express his idea, points of views and thoughts most logically, sequentially and effectively. So that others are led to follow his points and ideas.
4. The Indian saint Vinova Bhobe-“a bird to fly needs two wings. Similarly good education must deal with two kinds of knowledge’s (1)Science knowledge and(2) Spiritually based ethical knowledge. For him science alone is dangerous for the hundred kms/h without proper brakes, can one imagine what destruction that car will cause where running on the high road. In the same way any knowledge without having spiritual (ethical) knowledge will cause similar destruction in the society and the nation. Therefore, a perfect education must be the combination of both science knowledge and the spiritually based(ethical) knowledge.

For METI concept and philosophy of education a number of points and ideas have been drawn from above educational definitions and ideas. But concerning the methods and processes to implement and materialize the above ideas are exclusively METI’s own products.