How METI Perceives a Child

A child is an unexplored, undiscovered and untapped mine. In him/her lies the future of mankind. A nation may have many mines and resource reservoirs. But if unearthed and unexplored it is the wealth of the future. The same applies to human beings of a nation. If not educated, formed, skilled and made competent, they shall remain useless and dependent. Therefore, the unveiling, forming and skill of their hidden and latent potentials and capabilities are uncompromising and challenging.

It is now quite clear and accepted that the brain development of a child starts after 20 days of conception in mother’s womb. Gradually, it goes on growing. The growth period of brain more or less slows down or stops at the age of 3-5 years. Then the period of formation and training of the brain must start. Today there is abundance of literatures, which claim that a normal child (even adult) possesses 12,000 to 15,000 million brain cells and neurons. But a person is not of brain only. In fact she/he has physic, mind, heart and soul. Therefore, all of these essential elements of human beings need ‘Integrated and Balanced’ caring. In practical life, this concept of integral caring is ignored and missing. Dr. Howard Gadener, a world famous educationist speaks of eight kinds of intelligence. He calls them the, multiple intelligence. These are Linguistic, Logical- Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. But in the present prevailing education system mostly language, mathematics and logic get the highest priority and emphasis. Being the present concept of education imbalanced, it also creates “imbalanced individuals”. METI claims a different and alternative system of education. Today we all know that geniuses are not ‘borne but made’. If the education system which is supposed to prepare, train and form an individual to become intelligent, creative, imaginative and visualizing, how it can hope to create a genius without providing the conditions and environment for such education. Dipshikha METI takes the notice of all the basic elements that are responsible in creating and integrated personality. It is still early to comment, but the process and some accrued results point out that it is in the right direction.

Finally it may be said that our attitude and knowledge about a child must be clear, distinct and highly positive. Being a child highly sensitive, delicate and fragile, she/he must be “handled and looked after with utmost care and sensitivity”. Our so-called rotten system of education believes that “a child does not know anything” such idea about a child must be removed and uprooted from our thoughts. Rather we should re-learn that what they know “we do not understand”. There should be no space of imposition and knowledge deposited by teacher in the head of a child. Here, also a teacher must understand and respect the emotion of a child. In METI teachers are called “FACILITATORS”. In fact we do not teach children, rather we show them, encourage them and finally facilitate them who may learn and accept or refuse what is told. By all means, facilitator should admit that she/he is not superior to a child but a friend and an equal. It is almost like a dying to have such humility. Isn’t? As it is said, only by dying something is born. By dying in old paradigm, a new paradigm of METI is born.