Self-determined Taslima

Taslima came from a poor family and when he married that time her age was near17/18 years . She maintained her family poorly with the support of her husband who was a day labor. They had no own cultivable land also no other income sources. Husband was the only person who is involved with income for their family. Even crises of money to maintain her family everything was going on nicely. Taslima had a dream of happy family with her son and daughter. But suddenly dark clouds covered her life when husband died at the fifth year of their marriage. She became widow and helpless. Her five years old daughter, six month old son and she were left in the family. With no income sources Taslima became bewildered. Finding no way she started working as a day laborer of crop field. Sometimes she worked as a day labor of others family’s household works. By this way one day she got a job in a duck farm of a neighbor village family to look after the duck for few days.(This family establish this farm with the support form Dipshikha. During working at that farm she think to establish a duck farm by her selves. But it not easy for her because she has no money. Being a day laborer used to pass days in great difficulties. Near six years passed by in hardship.

In such a situation, Taslima come to touch with Dipshikha development process with the help of a field staff of Dipshikha when its BONIFaD Project started in 2010 on family development approach in their Nara-village. Afterwards her daughter and herself attended the ‘‘Family development planning workshop” for two days, where they prepared a five year plan for development of their family upon analyzing their resources and capacity. In this 5-years plan She selected to start a small scale duck farm because she had little experience on duck rearing. Beside duck farm she included different income generating activities (IGA) like chicken rearing, cow rearing, goat rearing, pigeon rearing ,land lease for crop cultivation in her five years family development plan. According to plan she started to save money to met the contribution of IGA project activities, and she started to implement the planned IGA activities.

According to 5-year plan at 3/11/2010 Taslima at first purchased 300 no. day old duck and feed for this duck by Tk.14200. For this purpose she took Tk.10000 as loan from Dipshikha and rest money she contributed from her saving. She reared this duck for three months and after that she sold them by tk.42000 and earned net profit tk.28000 from this 300 birds.

By this profit at 11/02/11 she again bought 300 no. day long duck and feed by tk.16300 and rest money kept in hand for maintaining family expenses. Beside this she bought a cow by tk.16000 . For this purpose she took loan tk.12000 from Dipshikha and rest money she contributed from her income. After three months she sold 125 duck by tk.20000 and after five month again he sold 100 duck by tk.25000 and he kept rest 67 duck (8 ducks died)in his own farm and decided to rear for egg purpose. After four month of purchased the cow its gave a calf and gave near 2 liter milk everyday. By sold duck, duck’s egg and cow’s milk she got enough money in her hand. This time she leased a piece of agriculture land of one bigha(33 decimal) where this season she is cultivating rice.

From the experience of 1st and 2nd batch she observed that duck rearing is a profitable IGA .So she decided to expand her duck farm and for the 3rd batch she parched 400 day old duck at the date 22/10/2011. To purchased these duck and its feed she spend tk.22560. For this purpose she took loan tk. 15000 from dipshikha and rest money she invested from the income of egg and milk selling. Beside duck farm Taslima decided to expand his cow farm also and with support she purchased a cow with calf. So at present there are four cows (including two calf) in her cow farm. She pepaid all the loan in time which she took from dipshikha.

Beside ducks and cows at present she is rearing two ram. She has also small pigeon farm of 12-15 birds. According family development she planted ten fruit and timber trees in fellow land surround her homestead area. Her family took hygienic latrine set from Dipshikha and all the family members are using it. They ensure safe water by making concrete base of their own tube well . Taslima’s son now studying class one at Dipshikha Preparatory school at her village. Taslima’s dream is to educate her son so that he can good job after completing his higher education.Her daughter also going to school. Her daughter also help her mother for their all family development activities.

Taslima has wish that she will received tailoring training course from Dipshikha and after that she will buy a sewing machine and during her free time at home she can earn money from this. Due to join Dipshikha development activities now she is involving with varies IGA activities.So situation of her family condition canges. Now she can arrange good food for her daughter and son. She is very much optimistic and also determined to implement their plan by the support of Dipshikha. Taslima heartedly appreciates that without dipshikha assistance she could not have been able to develop herself and her family. Hard working and determined Taslima wish to change her family condition to alleviate poverty forever from their family and making a bright future for their orphan children .