Dipshikha Integrated Family Development (IFD) Approach

From the experiences, deeper reflection and analyzing in the field of development, Dipshikha has developed a new concept to make the IDA more intensive, effective and scientific to improve the living conditions of the poor people. The concept is Integrated Family Development IFD Approach. Here a family is considered to be the center of all development efforts. All the members of the family are brought as stakeholders of the IFD approach. Accordingly whatever inputs and resources are invested must respond to the needs and development of all the family members. Family, being an important social unit of the society, Dipshikha takes up projects according to the Integrated Family Development (IFD) Approach.

    • a. There is scope to maintain comprehensive information of the family, especially regarding family resources like- land, animals, manpower, trees, etc., which are important for development.
    • b. There is provision to include all grown up members of the family in the development process.
    • c. It is easy and simple to follow up and monitor the changes taking place in the family due to development interventions.
    • d. The family can identify the problems, prepare projects and learn necessary skills as per their family development plan.
    • e. This will provide scope for evaluation to check and review changes and impact in future.

      Download the complete process of Dipshikha Integrated Family Development (IFD) Approach.