We appear to be living in a well-developed civilization that has already addressed all of the big issues: hunger, poverty, disease, and so on. However, these and a slew of other issues persist. Governments do everything they can to bring it to the public's attention, and their activities have an effect. They must, however, pay attention to youngsters because they are among our society's most proactive and aspirant members. As a result, modern college curriculum take into account societal requirements and ask students to complete assignments on important issues, with the essay being one of the most common. Of course, students dislike these assignments since they demand a lot of time and work, but sharing their thoughts and findings on socioeconomic issues can help to enhance public awareness. When writing essays, students go to great lengths to open up the problem and ensure that the document meets all standards. Writing various types of essays is a great method for young people to get their voices heard and become influential in the fields they study and the communities they live in. Because the current world is so fast-paced, kids have less time to relax and more opportunities to succeed.