Dipshikha Modern Education and Training Institute
Silence, Meditation and Reflection

Everyday children practice silence and do meditation for about 10-15 minutes followed by songs. This is a long tradition of Dipshikha. As we all know, silence and meditation is essential and important in one’s own life. For children it is a formation process and period. What do we expect from such meditation? For children, meditation helps to prepare and attune themselves to receive lessons. Meditation helps them to bring their thoughts and attentions from all the things they saw on the way while coming to school, have concentration and have relaxation and also to become attentive to the lessons they have to learn. In meditations language it is called to come to Alpha level from Beta level. That means to slow down one’s passing of current in one’s own Brain from 20 Cycle Per Second (CPS) to 10 CPSs which is best for learning. In meditational language there are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta- each with their own CPSs.

Concept of Human beings in METI

All human beings are the divine creation of Almighty God. Therefore all are endowed with different human resources, capacities, potentials and powers from Him. Nobody can teach anybody. What the facilitators and others can do is that they can create an environment for learning. In other words, the facilitators can help and assist the students to discover and unveil their already God given latent, resources, capacities, potentials, and powers. Concerning the processes of learning the Chinese proverb says – “tell me and I forget, show me, I may remember, make me work and I understand”. According to Leonardo the Vinci, he is the best teacher who helps the students to learn by themselves.