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Care for Careless Children (CCL)

Origin of the Idea

The origin of this activity is almost a legendary now. There was a couple named Zaru Ram Roy and Josna Bala. In 1998 the story goes that whenever the husband was sick, simultaneously the wife was also getting sickness. Finally, once it so happened that both husband and wife became sick at the same time. Therefore, the husband was admitted in one hospital and the wife was distance of about 30 miles from each other. But the bad luck came over them soon. First the husband died, then hearing the news of her husband’s death the wife died too within two days, leaving behind two children. In this critical situation our field staff approached us to know what to do now for these orphan children. At first, the field staff members were asked to know what they want to do for these children. They said,” We want to contribute some money from our salary”. But from management side, it was suggested that since they are still very young, it will not be fruitful and feasible to give them money, rather it will be better if a small fund is created in their name. Accordingly all the staff of Dipshikha including the top management committed to pay to this fund every month from their own salary.

Given Name and Its Management

To give a sense and pride of ownership of this project a name, such as “Care for Careless (CCLP)” was chosen. As a result this idea got an identity as well as the institutionalization. Contribution started pouring into the fund and gradually nourishing its growth and vitality. As a result an implementation committee consisting of three staff was formed. Now the committee has developed some simple criteria and is looking after its implementation. In the meantime the fund being fat enough, the committee suggested to fund as per criteria.

By checking and enquiring about the said orphans, it was found that now they are taken care by their brother and his wife and live with them. Of the two orphans, one has already grown up and is engaged in earning for himself and he is no more dependent on anybody else. Still then, they are in our mind to get help in case of need. One of them is attending school locally from his brother’s house. Here it may be interesting and significant to mention that by now the following categories of students are being helped in education from this fund.

Taken Some Initiatives

Supports have been providing form this fund since in 2006. Two medical students and one university student completed their study by receiving partly support from this fund. Besides, up to 2011 a total number of 28 students from different levels (collage, high schools and primary) received supports. Apart from that, two completed patients and 4 students were provided books and college admission supports. At present total 10 students are receiving monthly Tk. 500.00 for continuing their study.

Requesting for Extend Your Help

Many requests are coming but very fewer are served due to limitation of funds. So, anybody can contribute voluntarily to help the poor and meritorious students for opening their bright future. Please your are requested to contract with Dipshikha.