History of Dipshikha
The First Decade Celebration - 1994

In 15 November 1994 Dipshikha celebrated its 10th anniversary with due solemnity having chalked out five day long program. Many distinguished personalities from home and abroad attended the ceremony and congratulated Dipshikha and delivered speech on this occasion.

Evaluation of Dipshikha Activities by the Participants

Ten years is not enough for an organization but it is enough for evaluation of its past ten year activities.

Robert Chamber (1983) identified five barriers of development such as poverty, isolation, powerlessness, vulnerability and physical weakness. One barrier creates another barrier. For example, poverty causes physical weakness through lack of food and nutrition, physical weakness causes weak labour, sick people stay in isolation with no literacy and education leading to vulnerable and powerlessness. Paulo Freire (1972) a Brazilian educationist said that man himself can control and change his life as he possesses endless potentialities, but he does not know his potentialities. His potentialities must be traced and let him know that he is a genius. Thus, he will know himself as a resource person of the nation. Until the human potentialities, remain covered no one could be self reliant but dependent. Paulo Freire (1972) talked much about conscientization meaning consciousness. Human development is possible if every human being could be made conscientization.